“Shadowdance” author Mark Wooden to appear at Clermont Comic Con

Hello “Shadowdance” saga followers!

Big announcement — I’ll be making my first public appearance as creator of the “Shadowdance” saga at the Clermont Comic Con on Sunday, November 22. Swing by to see me and a surprise special guest at our table.

The Clermont Comic Con’s mission is to bring pop culture to Clermont Florida on a large scale with a convention that the city of Clermont, Florida can call it’s very own.

Clermont can now look forward to a yearly convention which will include comic book artists and writers, media guests, local talent and many comic book, toy, anime and video games vendors.

Florida Geek Scene is one of the con’s sponsors.

And did I mention that admission is a low low $10?

Click on the Clermont Comic Con link above to learn more about the con.

If you’re in the Orlando or Clermont area, hope to see ya there!

logo title, "Creating Darkness"

Wrap party for “Wake the Darkness” song documentary

The “Shadowdance” saga was always meant to be a multi-medium story. It actually started as a screenplay, which floated to a comic book series, which landed squarely in novel territory due to lack of funds and lack of drawing skill.

Around 2010, I tried to go back to the movie idea with a script entitled “Wake the Darkness.”

The movie never went anywhere past meeting a unit production manager and getting a $1.5 million quote on special effects. But it did find life in a song written by a friend of mine, Robert “Big Bob” Colwell. He enlisted another mutual friend, Mike Blaty, to engineer the piece.

Tom Deblois, Michael Blaty and Bob Colwell, creators of "Wake the Darkness" song for the "Shadowdance" action/ urban fantasy saga.

Tom Deblois, Michael Blaty and Bob Colwell

With the help of several other musician friends (including another mutual friend, Tom Deblois on crunch guitar), Bob and Mike finished up the original version of the song last year. I recorded behind the scenes material on video for posterity.

A year and a half later, I finally got that material edited into eight main segments (eleven with teaser, credits and upcoming blooper reel) documentary that chronicles the making of the song, “Wake the Darkness.”

We held the viewing party for the series last Wednesday. Thankfully, the players thought the behind the scenes series did justice to the creation of the song. The series also serves as an interesting look into the creative mind — not just for musicians, but also for anyone looking to produce an original piece of art.

You can view the teaser for the series, entitled “Creating Darkness,” below. There’s some necessary touch up work in store for the series, but I hope to have it posted to YouTube in time for Halloween.

Watch this space — and the “Shadowdance” saga YouTube page — for more information.

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