“Batman v Superman” – five things that worked

Now that the dust has settled on “Batman v Superman,” the critical consensus is to rip it apart. Based on the best audience monitor, the box office numbers, the movie is a raging success with $420.1 million worldwide.

There is a good chance that the high attendance was due to the event aspect of the movie. I mean, this is the first time Batman and Superman have appeared together on screen, unusual for characters who’ve been around since 1939 and 1938 respectively. Not to mention the first time Wonder Woman, who celebrates her seventy-fifth anniversary this year, has appeared on screen.


This article isn’t about all that hoopla, just wanted to set context. Because “Batman v Superman,” though ripped by critics and a selection of fanboys, is not a great movie. It’s not even a good one. But it’s not a “Superman IV” or “Batman and Robin,” just for the simple fact it tried to be something more than just a comic book movie.

Just sucks that whereas Christopher Nolan, an executive producer on this one, could handle that type of movie with “The Dark Knight.” Director Zack Snyder and Nolan’s writer David Goyer couldn’t even with the help of Oscar winner (“Argo”) Chris Terrio.

(An aside – Akiva Goldsman won the Oscar for writing “A Beautiful Mind.” He also wrote “Batman and Robin.”)

And there are five things that actually worked in the movie. Let’s check them out.

BTW – major spoiler. You’ve been warned. Continue Reading →

vampire assassin pose

Finding models for your ebook cover images

Self-publishing means all the work is on you; not just writing the book, but marketing it too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a team to get the promotional images you need for your dynamic eBook cover. Let’s discuss finding models to represent your work. Continue Reading →

Author Mark Wooden with vampire assassins Sabrina Cline (l) and Danielle Miller (r)

Revealed: Two new cover models for urban fantasy!

And here they are! The models representing the Dupre sisters Adriana and Dominique. These women are vampire assassins and two of the main Initiated characters in the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga.

Danielle Miller (right) portrays Adriana.  Sabrina Cline (left)  portrays Dominique. You’ll soon see more pictures of these two throughout the “Shadowdance” Facebook and Twitter as well as new covers coming in May.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman the best thing in “Batman v Superman”

I mean, I actually cheered when Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, made her entrance in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Full confession: I was of the crowd that Gadot would be terrible based on her lack of performance in the “Fast and Furious” movies. Turns out I was wrong. She aced the role here, particularly when she gets knocked down, but acts like that just made the challenge before her that much more fun. To me, THAT’S Wonder Woman.

We’ll have to wait until her movie, coming in June 2017, shows the compassionate side of the character. Since it’s out of Zack Snyder’s hands, and left to Patty Jenkins who directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar in “Monster,” I’m thinking pleasant thoughts.

For a full look at “BvS” en totto, come back later next week after my big reveal, the new faces for the vampire assassins of the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga.

Speaking of the Wonder Woman movie, here’s a pic from Entertainment Weekly giving us a look at Diana and the Amazons.

Wonder Woman, Hippolyta and other Amazons

(C) EW and Warner Bros

Harry Wilkins Photography

Finding a photographer for ebook cover images

For my part, it’s fun writing and self-publishing eBooks about vampires, demons, werewolves, sorcerers and other supernatural creatures. But those dynamic eBook cover images require finding a photographer or an illustrator.

My love of cinema demands that I go with live model images. To this end, I recruited a team to help create the new images for a revitalized “Shadowdance” saga. That team includes the following:

  • A photographer
  • A makeup artist/ hairstylist
  • Models

In this post, I’ll discuss looking for a photographer. Posts next week (don’t want to get lost in the “Batman vs Superman” cloud!) will cover looking for models and makeup artists. A final post will discuss the legal aspects of all this stuff.

And yes, there are legal aspects — unless you’re self-publishing for fun and not profit. But you’re looking for some profit with that fun, right? Continue Reading →

Urban fantasy author Mark Wooden

Reveal: two sexy vampire assassins

Two Sundays ago, I had a photo shoot with my two sexy vampire assassins. It was all done to get new promo and book cover images for the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga. Come back to this spot on Tuesday the 29th for your first glimpse of these two lovely ladies and to learn more about the shoot itself.

For all you fellow self-publishers, stop by Tuesday for a little how to on finding a photographer for your promo material shoot.