Corey Hawkins in "24: Legacy"

“24: Legacy” has a trailer

“24: Legacy” is Fox’s attempt to catch lightning in a bottle for a third time.

The first lightning strike for “24”

The first was the original “24” series, which hit the small screen back in November of 2001. The Towers had fallen two months earlier; terrorism petrified the world.

Enter Jack Bauer to save the day.

Bauer worked on a twenty-four hour, real-time clock. Sure, it was a gimmick, but one that worked to near perfection.

As long as you overlook the fact that no one went to the bathroom, ate, or even took a nap. Terror doesn’t take a potty break!

The show didn’t pull any punches in the death department. Besides Bauer actor Kiefer Sutherland, who won the 2002 Best Performance for an Actor in a TV Series Emmy, no one was safe. A character could die at a moment’s notice, a reality solidified at the end of the very first season –


…when Jack’s wife, whom he’d spent twenty-four episodes trying to save, was ultimately murdered by a mole within his own agency, the Counter Terrorist Unit.


And that was just the beginning of the show’s high death count of both terrorists and CTU agents.

Even presidents.

But “24” wasn’t just all about death.

The legacy of “24” also includes some of the tightest scripting, editing and actor performances on television, even winning the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy in 2006 (among its 76 nominations).

Lightning strikes again for “24”

Kiefer Sutherland and the cast of "24: Live Another Day" (C) Fox

Kiefer Sutherland and the cast of “24: Live Another Day” (C) Fox

The second lightning strike was after the show’s eighth season. Though that season’s conclusion gave a fitting send off for Bauer, Fox revived the show as a twelve part miniseries entitled “24: Live Another Day.”

Jack was back, this time in London. Other characters returned, new ones entered. The show also bought an end to Jack’s story — not a definitive one, but it would be the last we’d see of him.

Or is it?

Can lightning strike three times?

“24: Legacy” returns the ticking clock but in the format of “Live Another Day.”

“Straight Out of Compton” actor Corey Hawkins replaces Sutherland as the show’s lead. CTU is back under new command, and the action is still just as nail-biting as before, which you’ll see in the trailer below.

“24: Legacy” premieres February 5th after the Super Bowl, with its regular season spot the following night at  8 pm.

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