Ben Affleck as Batman

Batman Ben Affleck had slave-owning ancestors… but his cover up is almost as bad

Back in October of 2014, Ben Affleck was a participant in the PBS show “Finding Your Roots.” It does an history dig on a celeb and talks to them about the findings.

Turns out that, in addition to an occult enthusiast, a Revolutionary War hero and his Civil Rights marching mother, Affleck had some slave owners in the family.

Now that doesn’t bother me one bit. Affleck doesn’t own slaves, and has followed in his mother’s footsteps as a staunch supporter of equal rights for all. The man’s even been before the U.S. Senate to discuss foreign aid for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now just think about that. Here’s an actor in one of the most anticipated movies in the history of movies taking time out for a charity he so believes in that he’s talking to the Senate.

Affleck gets a total pass on the ancestry thing; that was then, here he is now, kicking ass in front of, behind and off camera.

What he doesn’t get a pass on is what Page Six reports: Affleck asked “Finding Your Roots” to omit the slave-owning ancestors from the show. And they did.

What are you afraid of, Mr. Affleck?

I’d rather you be honest in your look at your ancestry than lie by omission. We know you’re not the slave owner. Besides; in this internet culture, the truth is bound to come out —

Which is why we’re talking about it now.

Judging from what we see of you in the press, you appear better than that. Maybe it was about maintaining that image. Lord knows that after the Bennifer/ “Gili” fiasco back in the day, you of all people want to maintain control of image.

Unfortunately, the exposed cover up just makes you look like one of those slimy politicians like those guys you talked to on Capital Hill. You appear to be better than that, so please don’t let this happen again.

That’s the best way to maintain that superheroic image.

Oh; and looking forward to your Batman. So far, so good.

Just don’t do the Christian Bale voice.


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