urban fantasy Shadowdance "S" logo on red

Welcome to the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga

In an urban fantasy world, vampires, demons, werewolves, sorcerers and other creatures of myth and magic secretly combat one another for possession of the nine Vyntari shards.

Recombining the Vyntari jewel will unleash the shadow god Yahweh.

The person who controls the jewel controls the shadow god. They can remake the world in their image — or destroy it.

Subtle manipulations erupt into cruel violence, all hidden from the eyes of those Uninitiated to this struggle.

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"24 Legacy" from Fox

“24 Legacy” arrives in just under a month

We’re just shy of a month before “24 Legacy” premieres after that big football game thingee. No Jack Bauer this time, but we do get Corey Hawkins, fresh from playing Dr. Dre in “Straight Outta Compton” and Bail Organa (a.k.a. Jimmy Smitts). Continue on to see the trailer from last October. I’m sure there’s a new one in the works, and I’ll post that too! Continue Reading →

original D&D, DC Universe and Marvel Super Heroes RPGs

Urban fantasy author writes RPG-based fan fiction

UPDATED 7-10-17

I had a busy November 2016 with work. Got to see some sights in Vegas and Los Angeles. Great times, but drained the ol’ creativity bank.

To get back into the creative habit, I’m turning to fan fiction and role-playing games.

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Logo for "Blade Runner 2049" with Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford returns in “Blade Runner 2049”

The first look at “Blade Runner 2049” came out this week. It brings back Harrison Ford as former Blade Runner Deckard to team with a new runner played by Ryan Gosling. Denis Villeneuve, hot off Oscar contender “Arrival” and “Sicario” takes the directing reigns from venerable Ridley Scott, who’ll serve as executive producer on this sequel.

In honor of this, let’s have some fun!

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wonder woman gal gadot

Second movie trailer for “Wonder Woman”

To cheer you up on what could be the day of the Apocalypse, here’s the second movie trailer for “Wonder Woman” starring Gal Gadot.

I’ll just let this speak for itself. There’s an added surprise after the fold.

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Clive Owen as the Driver for BMW Films

BMW Films presents “The Escape” with Clive Owen

Been a busy few weeks. Learning more about building a community, traveling to Vegas (twice) for work, releasing “For Her Sins,” working on “Order Into Chaos.”


I’ll have some downtime next week, so I’ll post something more substantial then. But I wanted to keep you in the loop and entertained. To that effort, here’s that BMW Films short, “The Escape” I talked about a few weeks ago. Again, why Clive Owen should have taken James Bond. But oh well.

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