Clive Owen as the Driver for BMW Films

BMW Films presents “The Escape” with Clive Owen

Been a busy few weeks. Learning more about building a community, traveling to Vegas (twice) for work, releasing “For Her Sins,” working on “Order Into Chaos.”


I’ll have some downtime next week, so I’ll post something more substantial then. But I wanted to keep you in the loop and entertained. To that effort, here’s that BMW Films short, “The Escape” I talked about a few weeks ago. Again, why Clive Owen should have taken James Bond. But oh well.

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Pure Textuality PR banner

Pure Textuality PR helps urban fantasy saga

When it came time to get the word out about the second song of the “Shadowdance” saga, I knew I had to go back to the ladies at Pure Textuality PR. They’d helped me find reviewers for the first song, “By VirtueFall.” Now I return to them for more advertising services.
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Headtalker campaign by Pure Textuality PR

Support an urban fantasy with HeadTalker social media

Thanks to the folks at Pure Textuality PR, I’ve got a HeadTalker campaign going. It’ll send a strategic burst of social media notes to the interwebs about “For Her Sins,” the second song of the “Shadowdance” saga.

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Clive Owen as the Driver for BMW Films

Clive Owen returns for more BMW Films

Back in 2001 and 2002, BMW Films created eight short films with eight different high-end directors and starring Clive Owen as the mysterious Driver. Basically, it played like an audition reel for Owen as James Bond. Which is what should have happened. But I digress.

Now Owen is back as the driver, with another set of directors lined up to guide him through the mean streets. First up is Neill Blomkamp’s “The Escape.” Catch the trailer below the fold. Continue Reading →

DragonCon 2016 logo

DragonCon 2016: Using book trailers and social media

Last week I shared some info from the DragonCon 2016 panel, “How to promote your book.” That article covered physical tours versus blog/ review tours and networking. In this article, I’ll tell you what the panelists said about book trailers and creating a persona for social media.

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DragonCon 2016 logo

DragonCon 2016 panel: Promote your book

While at DragonCon 2016, I attended the Writer’s Track panel “How to Promote Your Book.” Figured I could use the knowledge drop for my action/ urban fantasy series. Here’s the lowdown on what I learned. Continue Reading →