Captain America Isaiah Bradley (C) Marvel

Forget being gay or HYDRA — Captain America should be Black

The interwebs are buzzing about making Captain America bisexual, bouncing off the other campaign to make Elsa from “Frozen” gay too. All cutesy fan wishes.

But then Marvel said, “We see your gay Cap and raise you him being an agent of neo-Nazi group Hydra!”

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Cover reveal – “By Virtue Fall”

An ebook cover reveal is always a fun time, because it means progress!

“By Virtue Fall: Shadowdance saga song 1” has been out for a while, but it was time to give it a face-lift for the new edition. If you’ve already read the original, don’t fret: not much has changed. It’s mostly cosmetic with a touch of the George Lucas special edition tweaks.

There is no scene of my villain screaming like a little whipped dog, though. And no blinking ewoks either. Continue Reading →

Wolverine's claws revealed in X-Men Apocalypse

Latest “X-Men: Apocalypse” trailer reveals Wolverine

The final “X-Men: Apocalypse” trailer is out and it presents the moment we’ve been waiting for — the returns of Wolverine.

I’m totally loving this marketing campaign, with its emphasis on the team over singling out one player in Wolverine. But, ya gotta have ol’ Canuckle Head in the picture, and this trailer does just that.

To his credit, Hugh Jackman kills as Wolverine. When given a proper script, anyway.

Looking at you “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

As far as the clip goes, there’s all sorts of combat and destruction, and hints at the continuation of the emotional journeys experienced in the previous two “X-Men” movies.

Jennifer Lawrence is calling the shots, which makes it sad that she’s said this will (probably, maybe) be her last “X-Men” film. But, if the excitement over these trailers is any indication, the box office will be there. Whether Lawrence comes back or not, there will be more “X-Men” movies.

Maybe now they can do the “Dark Phoenix” saga correctly…

netflix my list order

How to reorder your Netflix “My List”

Netflix “My List” is a great way for viewers to select TV shows, movies and other Netflix attractions for later viewing. But Netflix defaults to arranging the order how it wants to, with just a bit of help from you. It prioritizes new additions, but also takes into account prior viewing habits and what you’ve rated other things.

What if you want to be smarter than the machine and order the Netflix “My List” yourself?

On the PC, it used to be easy. Just click on “My List” and up it came. Sure, the interface of dragging and dropping was a pain, but it was easy to find. And, you could also get a list of what was about to get dumped off Netflix, so you could prioritize your viewing habits.

Don’t fret; all that stuff is still there, you just have to work a bit harder to find it.

Here’s how you do it.

NOTE: The following guide works on PCs and Macs. If you get to the “Account” function on a tablet or smartphone, it kicks you over to a web browser. Then you can follow these steps.

You’re probably SOL on a video game console, smart TV or Blu-ray player. I mean, their web browsing is clunky anyway!
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