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“Order Into Chaos”

A free short story about a bad boy sorcerer!

A sorcerer posing as a Hollywood bad boy learns there are some clubs from which one can't charm their way out.

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About the Book

Bad boy sorcerer Dwyer Strathan had a problem: he wanted out of an exclusive club of sorcerers.

To this end, he had acquired three of the coveted Vyntari shards. Along the way, he had pissed off the Knights of Vyntari and a certain vampire assassin named Adriana Dupre.

It was totally worth it.

Now he’ll use the shards to barter his way out of the Order of Haroth.

Unfortunately, the Order is just as deceitful as Strathan. They want the shards but also don’t tolerate deserters.

Will Strathan survive his final confrontation with the Order? And if he does, will his vampire girlfriend Valentina Lorena stab him in the back to take the shards?

“Order Into Chaos” is a free ebook short story that takes place during the missing six months of For Her Sins. Read that book first for a true feel for this story.

However, you can read this story first to get a taste of the Shadowdance. Minor spoilers for the events of For Her Sins.

You’ve been warned.

Welcome to the “Shadowdance” saga. More action, less paranormal romance.

Series: "Shadowdance" saga, Book 4
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Tags: "Shadowdance" Saga, action/ adventure, horror, urban fantasy
Publisher: Writer Geek Press
Publication Year: 2017
List Price: Free!
eBook Price: Free!
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About the Author
Mark Wooden

Mark Wooden is a  SYFY Wire Fan Creator, a filmmaker with his horror short film Where the Heart Bleeds, and a podcaster with his Thoughts From the Shed podcast on filmmaking and writing.

His chief love is writing. A short story from his "Shadowdance" action/ urban fantasy series, Fall to Grace, was a quarterfinalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest.

Mark draws inspiration from vampire slayers Anita Blake and Blade; Batman and X-Men comic books; and action epics 24 and anything by John Woo. He'd be remiss if he didn't mention an assassin named Elektra.

Mark passes the time with table-top role-playing games and his day job as a video camera switcher.

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