By Virtue Fall

Revenge is a dish best served... bloody.

Vampire assassin Adriana Dupré travels from modern-day Los Angeles to Berlin, battling warrior sorcerers and a pack of vengeful werewolves for possession of two ancient shards. With the shards, she can complete a deal with a sorcerer who will tell her information about her what is left of her family. But is the information worth giving the sorcerer the power to enslave the world? Bonus! Get the ebook FREE by signing up as a "Shadowdance" saga Initiate! Click the "Order Now" button, then "Free eBook."
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About the Book

Vampire and assassin Adriana Dupré has nothing left.

Manipulated into slaughtering nearly all of her family, she pursues only two things: finding her sister-turned-vampire and avenging the deaths of her family.

Sorcerer and Hollywood bad-boy Dwyer Strathan has information she needs. To get it, Adriana must retrieve two relics — the Vyntari shards.

To get the shards, Adriana must journey from the soulless glamor of modern-day Los Angeles to the seedy underworld of Berlin.

She will engage in battles against vengeful werewolves, a trio of warrior sorcerers who protect the Vyntari shards, and other supernatural creatures bent on keeping her at bay.

Each encounter draws Adriana deeper into the supernatural underworld’s struggle for control of the shards, a struggle long hidden from human eyes —

The Shadowdance.

Adriana must ultimately decide if her desire for revenge is worth giving Strathan the power to enslave the world.

Series: "Shadowdance" saga, Book 1
Genres: Action/ Adventure, Urban Fantasy
Tags: action, adventure, good vampire book, vampires
Publisher: Writer Geek Press
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 228 pages
ISBN: 9780991307401

List Price: Paperback $11.99
eBook Price: $4.99
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About the Author
Mark Wooden

The son of a sharecropper (not really), Mark Wooden has actively pursued the dream of being a Creative since his first epic kindergarten work, "Ne-Ne the Vampire Panda." Though he prefers movies and comic books, Mark chose the novel as his creative outlet. They don't cost anything to write, don't have a budget and he is the only person who can slow his progress.

Mark uses his decade of experiences on the road as a video engineer to place human emotion into "Shadowdance," his urban fantasy conspiracy. He makes monsters human and, sometimes, makes humans monsters by examining stereotypes and re-imagining them into new icons for the modern reader.

Through "Shadowdance," Mark allows readers to confront vampires, demons, werewolves and sorcerers from the comfort of an eBook. "By Virtue Fall" is his first novel in the "Shadowdance" action/ urban fantasy saga.

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