For Her Sins

Death is not the end.

Neo-Nazi sorcerers. Zombies. A demon at a Hollywood movie premiere. These creatures stand between vampire assassin Adriana and her revenge against the sorcerer who slaughtered her werewolf family. But as she pursues the sorcerer, Adriana feels the sins of her murderous past catching up to her. Or is she merely a pawn in the secret war between supernatural creatures known as the Shadowdance?
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About the Book

Adriana – vampire and an assassin.

Strathan –  sorcerer masquerading as Hollywood bad boy

The two made a deal: Adriana retrieves two relics for him, Strathan gives her information that could lead to her missing family.

Adriana did her part. Strathan reneged on their deal, taking the relics and murdering the last of Adriana’s mortal family.

Adriana wants Strathan’s blood on her enchanted blades.

Neither zombies and Neo-Nazi sorcerers occupying a former Nazi death camp, a demon assault on a red carpet premiere in Hollywood, nor three righteous warrior sorcerers out to retrieve the shards will stand in her way.

Will the desire for revenge lead to Adriana’s self-destruction? Or will the warrior sorcerers’ influence drive Adriana to seek redemption for her past sins?

Or is an unknown combatant using Adriana as a pawn in the secret war known as the Shadowdance?

The story that began  in “By Virtue Fall” concludes in “For Her Sins.”

Series: "Shadowdance" saga, Book 2
Genres: Action/ Adventure, Urban Fantasy
Tags: action, adventure, good vampire book, vampires
Publisher: Writer Geek Press
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 309
ISBN: 9780991307432
List Price: $11.99 Paperback
eBook Price: $4.99
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For Her Sins
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About the Author
Mark Wooden

The son of a sharecropper (not really), Mark Wooden has actively pursued the dream of being a Creative since his first epic kindergarten work, "Ne-Ne the Vampire Panda." Though he prefers movies and comic books, Mark chose the novel as his creative outlet. They don't cost anything to write, don't have a budget and he is the only person who can slow his progress.

Mark uses his decade of experiences on the road as a video engineer to place human emotion into "Shadowdance," his urban fantasy conspiracy. He makes monsters human and, sometimes, makes humans monsters by examining stereotypes and re-imagining them into new icons for the modern reader.

Through "Shadowdance," Mark allows readers to confront vampires, demons, werewolves and sorcerers from the comfort of an eBook. "By Virtue Fall" is his first novel in the "Shadowdance" action/ urban fantasy saga.

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