cover reveal for urban fantasy ebook

Cover reveal for new urban fantasy ebook

Just in time for DragonCon’s 30th anniversary, here’s the cover reveal for “For Her Sins,”  the second song in the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga.

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The cover of “For Her Sins” is another product of my photo shoot last March with Harry Wilkins Photography. Eric Hernandez continues his work as official “Shadowdance” saga cover designer. Danielle Miller reappears as the saga’s lead, vampire assassin Adriana Dupre.


With zombies and Neo-Nazi sorcerers occupying a former Nazi death camp and a demon on the red carpet in Hollywood, the story that began in “By Virtue Fall” concludes in “For Her Sins.”

Vampire assassin Adriana made a dangerous deal with Strathan, a sorcerer posing as a Hollywood bad-boy actor. If she retrieved three ancient shards for him, he would tell her what happened to her long-lost sister-turned-vampire — her only surviving family.

Or so Adriana thought.

She encountered werewolves whom she learned were her ancestors. But Strathan intervened, slaughtering the werewolves and escaping with two of the three shards.

Now Adriana wants Strathan’s blood on her enchanted blades —

But she first must contend with the Knights of Vyntari, protectors of the shards.

Once sworn to destroy Adriana for stealing the shards, the Knights must now ally with her to stop Strathan. If he gets the third shard, he will have the power to pervert the world into his twisted image.

Will Adriana seek revenge against Strathan? Redemption for her violence as an assassin that cost her family?

Or is an unknown combatant manipulating her in the secret war known as the Shadowdance?

Want a free copy of “For Her Sins” before the official release?

The official release date is October 31st in time for Halloween.

Now let’s get all Satipo in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (but I won’t leave you to die without a whip).

Between now and Halloween, I’ll throw you what’s called an Advanced Reader Copy, or ARC. You throw me an honest review at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads or your blog.

Heck, I’m so excited about DragonCon 2016, I’ll even throw in an ebook version of “By Virtue Fall” so you get the full “Shadowdance” saga experience!

“For Her Sins” ARCs for review will be available September 2nd, the day of the cover reveal. These ARCs will have differences between the copy you review and the final published edition. More grammar/ copy editing than content.

Paperback ARCs for review will be available September 23th.

Sorry, no “By Virtue Fall” paperback ARCs are available.

Interested in an ARC for review? Hit me up on Twitter direct message @shadowdancesaga or via email at

Cover for urban fantasy novel "For Her Sins"



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