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Cover reveal – urban fantasy free ebook

Cover reveal time!

While I work on the third “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy novel, check out the cover for an upcoming short story below the fold!

Cover reveal for “Fall to Grace”

Here it is in all its glory, the cover to “Fall to grace!”

cover reveal for urban fantasy ebook fall to grace

The story of “Fall to Grace”

Vampire Adriana suffers from memory loss. She remembers a girl, possibly her sister, and a previous life as an assassin. Warrior sorcerer Makeda helps Adriana recover her memories — but then the women are captured by Makeda’s superiors, the Knights of Vyntari. They want Makeda to explain why she jeopardized three important artifacts during an operation in Berlin.

Adriana must help Makeda prove her case to the Knights, or Makeda will be excommunicated from the organization and lose her ability to work with Adriana.

There are forces within the Knights who want exactly that — and for Adriana to meet her final death!

More about “Fall to Grace”

This short story chronicles some of the events that take place in the missing six months of “For Her Sins.” It’s the second song (full-length novel) of the “Shadowdance” saga.

You don’t have to read “For Her Sins” to enjoy “Fall to Grace,” but there might be a spoiler or two.

The cover was designed by an artist on Fiverr. The image comes from that photo shoot I did for the new “By Virtue Fall” cover last year. You can read more about the shoot and doing one of your own with this article on finding models and a photographer.

“Fall to Grace” is a free ebook short story and will be available August 31st exclusively on Smashwords. Just in time for DragonCon 2017!

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