Fan Fiction starring Hawkeye, Black Widow, Grifter and Mockingbird

Fan Fiction #1 starring Marvel’s Mockingbird

UPDATED 7-10-17

All writers get writer’s block. How to combat it? By pretending to be Marvel’s Mockingbird, Hawkey, and Black Widow and bashing HYDRA skulls.

Why I love Mockingbird for fan fiction

I mentioned how I use role-playing games and fan fiction to get the creativity flowing.

Here’s the first fanfic I generated with this method. I call it “Doppelgangers.”

Based on an old “Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition,” adventure, I team Mockingbird with Hawkeye, the Black Widow, and Grifter from the old Wildstorm comic, “Wild C.A.T.S.” They’re working as agents of SHIELD against an old foe in the new age — HYDRA.

Mockingbird feminist agenda cover

(C) Marvel

Marvel’s eight-part “Mockingbird” solo series inspired me to use that character. Written by Chelsea Cain and drawn by Kate Niemczyk, the series is a quirky but thoroughly engrossing read.

I got into it because manbabies were upset with the last issue’s cover, on which Mockingbird wears a shirt reading, “Ask me about my feminist agenda.”

If the manbabies hate it, it must be good. Cain and Niemczyk’s series is indeed excellent. It also ties into the events of Marvel’s “Civil War II.”

You can pick up the first volume trade paperback of Mockingbird now. Volume two is available for pre-order. I hope they include the comical letters columns and issue intros!

But enough about my newfound love of Mockingbird!

How to read the PDF

I’ve saved “Doppelgangers” as a PDF file that you can open by clicking the link below.

You probably already have Adobe Reader, available as an app for Android or iOS or your desktop computer. If not, check out your OS’s store. For the desktop version, click this link to Adobe’s site. Be sure to UNCHECK the offer to download the optional stuff.

When you click the link below, the story will automatically download to your mobile device and then open in your Reader program. If viewing on a desktop, the PDF will open in your browser window. You can then opt to download the story to your device.

Your Kindle and Nook apps can also read the PDF. You’ll have to use your file explorer system. Drop the PDF in the Kindle or Nook app folder. It’ll come up in your app library the next time you open it.

Enjoy – Doppelganger

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