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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey part 21 (of 43)

In this chapter of “Birds of Prey” fanfiction, the ninjas get the better of Batgirl. Will her backup arrive in time? And just who is it?

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Batgirl glanced at one of the other rooftops. Three more ninjas moved cautiously in her direction. They had swords on their backs but held bows ready to launch arrows.

They hadn’t spotted her yet. 

Sneaking around the fixtures on the rooftop, Batgirl moved to a position of advantage. When the ninjas were in striking distance, Batgirl attacked.

She quickly downed two of the ninjas. The third swung at her with his bow, missed. 

Batgirl’s fist didn’t.

She didn’t wait to see these ninjas dissolve to ash. Instead, she returned to the headset and spoke into it. “Still here. Maybe you should handle me yourself?”

An arrow pierced Batgirl’s cape. She turned in time to see three more ninjas, also brandishing bows, approached from another rooftop.

Two more arrows flew at her. She dodged one; the other caught her in the stomach. 

Batman’s supplier engineered the Batsuits to defend against the ballistic impact of a bullet. Piercing weapons like arrows were another matter.

Batgirl ducked behind a fixture on the rooftop. She heard two of the ninjas moving toward her position. She pulled the arrow from her stomach, noting the blood falling from it. 

The vigilante crouched down just as two of the ninjas rounded the fixture, their swords at the ready.

A swift kick from Batgirl swept one ninja’s legs out from under him. That ninja crashed onto his back.

The other ninja tried separating Batgirl’s head from her shoulders. She rolled away from the blade, but it caught her shoulder. 

More blood spilled.

An arrow shot past Batgirl. In her desperation to avoid the sword-wielding ninja, she’d inadvertently set herself in the path of the one with the bow. 

Reaching into her utility belt, Batgirl popped a smoke capsule. The ninja’s blade cut smoke, but not the vigilante.

With her infrared lens still in place, Batgirl could see the ninja swinging wildly amid the smoke. The ninja on the ground stood but fared no better. She crept up behind one of the ninjas and knocked him out. 

The other swordsman turned and looked right at her. 

Batgirl feinted, but the ninja read her movement. She brought up her gauntlet in time to parry the blow that would have thrust through her chest. 

She then punched her attacker in the jaw, but the ninja shrugged it off. 

The swordsman tried to sweep Batgirl’s legs from under her. She leaped over his kick and punched again. He used her momentum to spin around her and grab her in a chokehold.

Batgirl’s injuries slowed her down. 

The auburn-haired vigilante couldn’t get the leverage she needed to break the hold. She felt blackness coming.

Then the hold broke. Batgirl fell backward as the ninja pulled away from her. She coughed as she caught her breath.

“Lead with the smokescreen and flashbangs,” a familiar growling voice told her. “Make them come to you and use the chaos to defeat them, particularly when outnumbered.”

“Thought I could pick them off before numbers became an issue,” Batgirl said.

Batgirl looked up to see a tall man in similar armor standing over her. He had an athlete’s build, a black cape even more flowing than hers.

Like her, he wore a mask and cowl with pointed protrusions that looked like ears.

He had many names: The Dark Knight Detective, the Masked Manhunter.

Christian Bale as Batman in "The Dark Knight." (C) Warner Bros

She knew him as Batman.

The Caped Crusader extended a gloved hand to Batgirl. “Control the chaos, and you don’t have to think.”

Batgirl accepted Batman’s hand in getting to her feet. He looked to the piles of ash and ninja costumes about them.

“What’s the situation?” he asked.

“Far as I can tell, there were three ninja teams on the roofs,” Batgirl began.

“We’ve neutralized those. I don’t know what the Aussie has on the ground.”

“Your Aussie is possibly a man named Kano,” Batman said. “Mercenary from Thailand. Linked to China White, a crime lord operating from Seattle.”

“What’s he doing in Gotham?”

“Going to jail.”

Awwww shit! Batman in the house! He and Batgirl will team up to take down Kano! But can they do it before any of the innocent people gambling in Gamble’s theater get hurt? Find out tomorrow!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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