Birds of Prey fanfiction: Sonya Blade gets a taste of why being a vigilante doesn’t always work. Later, she meets her former vice partner on a stakeout.

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“You’re kidding me!” Sonya yelled at Captain Daniels.

She stood in front of his desk, her blood boiling at the news he had just conveyed — Kano was out on bail.

Worse, District Attorney Osaka didn’t think any charges she brought against Kano would hold up in court.

“Think about it, Blade,” Daniels said. “You went onto that boat with no warrant!”

“I suspected Kano was in there with a shipment of heroin. Which he was.”

“And your proof that it was his heroin? That he wasn’t just a guy at the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“How about the guards with illegal firearms who tried to kill me? I bet if you check them, they’ll have China White tattoos all over them!”

“Maybe so,” Daniels said.

Despite his seeming agreement, he wasn’t backing down. “Or, they were law-abiding security guards for a privately-owned cargo ship. At least, that’s the story their lawyers are spinning.”

“That’s bullshit!” Sonya said. She crossed her arms and dropped into a chair in front of the desk. She looked like a spoiled child who had her toys taken away.

“Well, unless you can spin a better story.”

Sonya wanted to say something but stewed in her chair instead.

“Too bad, your only reliable witness is a vigilante you’re supposed to arrest on sight.”

“She hasn’t done anything wrong!”

The captain stared at Sonya, then blinked in disbelief. “Suspects with broken limbs. Damaged eardrums. Property damage. And that’s the obvious stuff. We won’t get into illegal search —”

Sonya looked away from Daniels. “She does more good than harm.”

“You need to start doing that, detective,” the captain said. “You used to do good police work. But ever since —”

Sonya glared at Daniels.

Daniels held his tongue while his gaze held disappointment.

He leaned forward and shuffled some papers on his desk. “You’ll be happy to know we didn’t just let Kano walk.”

Daniels glanced up, saw that he had Sonya’s attention. “We put Briggs on him.”

Sonya stood, leaning in with both hands on the edge of the captain’s desk.

“Where is Briggs now?”

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Twenty minutes later, Sonya parallel parked on the outskirts of Seattle’s Chinatown-International District. She walked another few blocks, blending in with the crowds of tourists and the Asians who made the area home.

Sonya eventually spotted a familiar beat-up sedan parked down the street from a Chinese restaurant.

The building had a typical structure for the bottom two floors. A Chinese pagoda design made up the upper level.

Sonya often wondered how the immigrants felt seeing a physical manifestation of their native culture colliding with that of their adopted homeland.

Approaching the sedan, Sonya spotted a black man sitting behind the wheel, flipping through a magazine. The Seattle detective knew the man and knew his idle activity was anything but.

Stepping to the sedan’s passenger side window, Sonya knocked on the glass. The man inside did a double-take when he saw her. He lowered his magazine and shook his head.

“You are the last person who needs to be here,” he said.

“You gonna let a girl stand out in the cold, Briggs?” Sonya asked.

“It’s damn near sixty degrees.”

“Which is freezing for summer, right?”

Briggs shook his head again but pressed the release on the door lock. Sonya climbed in beside him.

She knocked a half-eaten sandwich and an open bag of chips of the seat but caught them before they hit the floor.

“You get busted from detective to Uber driver?” Sonya asked while she moved the food to the dashboard and took a seat.

Briggs took the bag of chips and ate the few that remained. He casually tossed the bag to the floor at Sonya’s feet, where it joined two other empty bags and a McDonald’s bag.

“Captain told me to tell you to stay clear of Kano,” Briggs said.

Sonya threw up her hands to look disarming. Briggs wasn’t buying it. Sonya said, “All I’m doing is making sure he is where he’s supposed to be.”

“And where is that?”

Sonya lost a bit of that innocence, her anger sliding to the fore. “Jail.”

Briggs turned his attention to the restaurant with the pagoda. “Don’t start any shit on my watch,” he said. “I’ve had a blissful lack of violence since you moved over to Homicide without me.”

“You said you liked Vice,” Sonya said.

“I do. I just miss a partner I can trust to watch my back and not flip over some cash.”

Sonya looked at the restaurant. “Me too.”

Briggs glanced at Sonya. “Shame Doug went down like that. Nothing you could do, though, Sonya.”

Sonya’s jaw tightened. “I could have busted China White a year ago.”

“We didn’t even know about her a year ago.”

Sonya turned to Briggs. “But she was there, in the shadows. We got too close, which is why I got railroaded out of Vice. Then she went after Doug just to make a point.”

Turning to face front, Sonya added, “She should’ve come for me directly.”

“They don’t when they’re afraid of you.”

“Or when they want to watch you suffer.”

Briggs decided it best to let Sonya stew. He looked back at the restaurant.

“So, what’s going on?” Sonya asked.

“Your man Kano went straight from lockup to this restaurant. Been in there about an hour,” Briggs said. “Guessing it wasn’t to try General Tso.”

“Is China in there?”

After a long silence, Briggs looked at Sonya. He could tell the wheels in her head were turning. That usually never ended up as a good thing.

“You better not mess with Kano,” Briggs said.

Sonya opened the car door. “I just want some General Tso,” she said as she headed for the restaurant.

To be continued next Thursday…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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