Superman and Supergirl

First look – the CW’s new Superman

Check out Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. He’s entering the CW’s DC Comics universe this October as part of the “Supergirl” show.

We’ve had touches of Sups via emails and references by Jimmy Olsen, but we’ve only see him in shadow or silhouette. Full blown reveal now. 

If you missed the first season of “Supergirl,” you’re really missing a great adaptation. I never really liked the character, but actress Melissa Benoist captures both the optimism, heroics and foibles of a woman intent on doing right even in the face of difficult decisions.

The show also isn’t afraid to develop the world around Supergirl beyond simple platitudes and reveal the hearts and minds of both those Supergirl has sworn to protect and those who would oppose her.

Basically, she does in a 45 minute episode what Zack Snyder tried to do in two movies.

Yeah, I went there.

Supergirl’s supporting cast

I never liked Ally McBeal or Callista Flockhart, but she (almost) steals the show as Cat Grant. Grant serves as tough-love mother to Supergirl and nails every nuance.

Chyler Leigh takes on the role of Supergirl’s human step-sister.

In a race flip, Mehcad Brooks takes on Jimmy Olsen, potential love interest sent by Superman to watch over his cousin Supergirl.

David Harwood portrays the Martian Manhunter, balancing the character’s need to hide his Martian abilities against the need to assist Supergirl against the metahuman threats.

And we can’t forget Peter Facinelli as Max Lord. He’s the billionaire industrialist in the Lex Luthor mode, but Facinelli plays it with a sinister charm. It’s brilliant how the show can juggle him as the villain one week, but then pivot and make him an ally without changing the character’s throughline of defending the world from metahumans by any means necessary.

Cameos that honor the past but present a future

There’s also plenty of well-placed cameos, with former Superman Dean Cain and Former Supergirl Helen Slater stepping in as Supergirl’s adoptive parents.

We also see “Smallville’s” Supergirl, Laura Vandervoot as a villain, a role she plays with seductive glee.

Season two will get possibly one of the best cameos when former Wonder Woman Linda Carter steps in as the President of the United States.

What could have been one note jokes turned into fleshed out characters pivotal to the show’s themes.

One can only hope that the CW also gets a Wonder Woman so she can break villain Max Lord’s neck.

“Supergirl” on the CW

The CW is where the show belongs, particularly since all the other DC Comics shows are there. (Except “Gotham,” but that’s not tied into the CW DC Universe, and never will be as Fox won’t give up the distribution rights. Whereas the “C” in the “CW” is CBS, so the move is easy from a business point of view.) CW is already threatening a major crossover between all four shows, “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Supergirl.”

It’s like a comic book reader’s wet dream. And your DVR’s nightmare.

Catch up on Mondays on the CW. It’s also coming on blu-ray August 9th.

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