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Free urban fantasy ebook as pre-Christmas present

When I released “For Her Sins” at Halloween, I said I’d write some short stories chronicling the missing six months of that book.

Well the first one, “Order Into Chaos,” will release on Christmas Eve as a free ebook. Read it before the big day.

Or make it a Christmas gift for that friend for whom you bought a copy of “For Her Sins.” Learn more below the fold.

“Order Into Chaos” explains how Hollywood bad boy sorcerer Dwyer Strathan uses the three Vyntari shards to worm out of his allegiance to the Order of Haroth. There’s also a surprise cameo or two.

I recommend reading “For Her Sins” first. Purists can stop at the “six months later” part (between Measures Twenty-three and Twenty-four), read the short stories, and then jump back into the novel.

Come back around 7 pm EST to the “Shadowdance” saga Books and Merch page to pick up “Order Into Chaos.”

Note: there will be spoilers for parts of “For Her Sins.”

You’ve been warned.

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