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Learn how to craft an urban fantasy indie rock song

Ever wonder how an urban fantasy saga inspires an indie rock song, and how that song gets created? Watch the documentary series, “Creating Darkness: Making a Song for the Shadowdance” and get an in-depth look at that process. Now available on YouTube, the series chronicles the creation of the song “Wake the Darkness.”

The lyric video featuring the song “Wake the Darkness” is the last track on the list.

The Players behind the urban fantasy indie rock song

Bob Colwell wrote the song for a potential “Shadowdance” movie, “Shadowdance” being a series of action/ adventure, urban fantasy novels written by yours truly, Jack the — er, Mark Wooden.

That movie never came together (yet), but the song remains.

Big thanks to Matt Waldeck for shooting and editing the series and producing the lyric video. Acie Blaze gave an assist with some post-production work. Check his other stuff out at Focused in Entertainment.

Tom Deblois, Michael Blaty and Bob Colwell, creators of "Wake the Darkness" song for the "Shadowdance" action/ urban fantasy saga.

Tom Deblois, Michael Blaty and Bob Colwell

And always the big shout out to Bob and his crew: Pro Tools engineer and producer Mike Blaty, Tom Deblois on crunch guitar, Coque Ross, Johnny Magsax, and Lee Jacobson.

They crafted a song that captures the dark spirit of the “Shadowdance” saga.

Remixing an indie rock song

Coming up in time for my appearance at the Clermont Comic Con November 22, I’ll post a special remix version of “Wake the Darkness” here on the website. You can actually hear it over at Bob’s Bandcamp site, but the posting here will have a special bonus.

Of course, if that bonus is misunderstood I’ll have another story to tell, but let’s see how that plays out.

Like the song? Go to the aforementioned Bandcamp site and buy it for a buck. Cheap. Watch “Creating Darkness” and learn how it all came together.

Once “Wake the Darkness” puts you in the mood, head back to Shadowdancesaga.com and pick up a copy of “By Virtue Fall,” the first book in the “Shadowdance” saga.

Watch the video below to get a taste of what you’ll see in “Creating Darkness.”

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