Listen to music for an urban fantasy

The “Shadowdance” saga is all about music. Imagine my joy when friends made a song for the saga! 

Origins of the “Shadowdance” music

My friend Robert “Big Bob” Colwell was inspired by the title of my once and future “Shadowdance” movie, “Wake the Darkness.”

He enlisted the aid of several musical friends, chief among them Mike Blaty, to create a theme song for the movie. You can hear what the created here.

What you’ll hear on this video is a remix of that song.

How “Underworld” fits the music

On a lark, I cut footage from “Underworld” and “Underworld Evolution” to the song just to get a feel.

Obviously, I don’t own the rights to “Underworld.” I just wanted the thought experiment to lose the movie’s nu-metal and go for some soul.

Think of it as temp footage until we get “Wake the Darkness” made. If you dig either version of the song, check out Big Bob’s Bandcamp site for that and more.

Wanna see how the song came together? I made a whole documentary series on it you can watch on the Tube of You. Click here for “Creating Darkness.”

Follow the link for more on the “Shadowdance” saga itself.