Black Bolt the Inhuman replaces the X-Men

Marvel continues its FU crusade against Fox’s “X-Men”

The “Uncanny” Inhumans?

“Uncanny” was the word reserved for the X-Men characters. Until Marvel came up with the god-awful idea to put “All-New” in front of every title; kinda like the DC Comics “New 52” but dumber.

There’s been an unofficial official war between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox over the “Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” properties. Marvel wants them back; Fox is milking them for all they’re worth.

The “X-Men” movies have been doing gangbusters, so there’s no chance Fox will give that up any time soon. Unlike Sony, who caved to a “meet me halfway” point with the Spider-Man property because their versions, though visually stunning, sucked story-wise and were under-performing at the box office.

(It’s a frightening world that a studio would consider $708 million world-wide gross “under-performing.”)

Marvel Comics did absolutely no marketing for “Days of Futures Past.” No comic tie in, no comic prequel. They’d previously done this with the first “X-Men” movie — but that was before the Marvel Studios juggernaut.

Marvel Comics hates Fox’s having control of the Fantastic Four so much they plan on killing the FF comic and scattering the FF team members among “Avengers” comics.

And now the “Uncanny” Inhumans.


For those who don’t read the books or watch “Agents of SHIELD,” the Inhumans are, in essence, mutants. But their powers come from the Terrigen Mists/ Crystals.

Recently, Marvel had the idea to dump the Terrigen Mists all over earth, so now we have “Inhumans” popping up everywhere like we used to have mutants. Good news is we get a Muslim female Ms. Marvel who kicks mucho ass.

Bad news — mutants just aren’t that special anymore.

Worse news — the Cinematic Universe can use Inhumans instead of mutants, assuring we will never see the inclusion of the X-Men characters in the Cinematic Universe.

Rather spiteful if ya ask me.

Is any of this official? No. I could be horribly wrong, misreading corporate think. Maybe we’ll learn in the comics that mutants are actually Inhumans too, and they’ll later be back-doored into the Cinematic Universe.

Or maybe not.

I’m just thinking out loud.

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