The band Garbage

Music makes the “Shadowdance” saga, pt 1

Back in the late 20th century when I conceived the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga, I knew that music was as important a component as the vampires, werewolves, demons and other supernatural creatures.

Since music is so intrinsic to the Dance, I decided on some music-related monikers for elements of the saga.

I’ll explain why Garbage is the featured pic below the fold.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera, the inspiration for Valentina Lorena

Why music?

Music’s been a big part of my life, probably second only to movies. I’ve imbued the saga with musical elements from its inception. Adriana Dupré sings, plays piano and was trained by Mozart himself. Valentina Lorena is a pop star styled after Christina Aguilera’s Xtina persona.

There’s a band you’ll meet in “Illusions of Love” that I patterned after the band Garbage (which is why they get the featured pic).

The first saga story was “Requiem for the Lonely” (more on that in another post). The saga ends with a “Symphony of the Damned.”

I also listen to lots of Garbage (see what I did there?), Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Prince while creating the saga.

When it was a movie…

I’d always dreamed of making the saga as a series of movies, maybe even a TV show. I envisioned it like what the show “Empire” has become, with music mixed

into the general story. I got close with the creation of a theme song for my as yet unmade “Shadowdance” movie, “Wake the Darkness.” You can hear the original version of the song on YouTube.

An alternate version is here.

Unfortunately, I don’t have millions of dollars so I made the “Shadowdance” a book series. But I still wanna keep that music in mind.


Evanescence, an inspiration for the sound of the “Shadowdance” saga

Defining Measures and Songs

Each of the main stories in the “Shadowdance” saga is a song. The chapters within that novel/ song are measures.

In music, a measure represents the number of beats within a given duration of a song. This fits, as each measure of a “Shadowdance” tale would equate to a segment of the overall song.

This explains how the story proper be considered a song.

Technically, calling the novels “movements” would be more appropriate. However, that reminds me of bowel movements.

I don’t want to reference shit with the “Shadowdance,” so yes, song wins.

Come back next week for more on how music makes the “Shadowdance” saga.