“A Reason to Live” Shadowdance Saga short story


A vampire looking to save her daughter from a self-destructive path of vengeance finds help in a noble sorcerer.

Maybe Later - Wishlist!
Maybe Later - Wishlist!

Get a free eBook short story introducing you to the “Shadowdance” urban fantasy saga!

Illyana loved Adriana like a daughter. Now that daughter has left her for a fool’s errand of vengeance. Deeply depressed, Illyana tries suicide-by-Japanese-mobster — a task made more difficult by her existence as a vampire.

How far would a mother go to save her daughter?

A sorcerer intervenes, offering Illyana a way to win back her daughter Adriana — who is also a vampire. However, the sorcerer’s path drags them all into the secret war between supernatural creatures known as the Shadowdance.

Urban fantasy readers tired of the usual romantic triangle will still find love, but between a mother and daughter. They’ll also find a tale packed with action, intrigue, and worldbuilding that allows them to lose themselves for a short period. Look into the shadows and see horror in action.

The free eBook “A Reason to Live” is a prequel to the events chronicled in “By Virtue Fall” and “For Her Sins.”



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