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“Fall to Grace” Shadowdance Saga short story


A tribunal threatens to strip a warrior sorcerer of her magic. Will the vampire the warrior saved arrive in time to return the favor?

Maybe Later - Wishlist!
Maybe Later - Wishlist!
Maybe Later - Wishlist!
Maybe Later - Wishlist!


A free ebook short story!

Warrior sorcerers the Knights of Vyntari capture one of their own, Makeda Arsi. They demand punishment for the loss of three artifacts to a rival group of sorcerers.

The answer lies with amnesiac vampire Adriana, whom Makeda is helping to recover her scrambled memories.

Adriana must prove her worth to the Knights. If she fails, Makeda will be excommunicated from the organization.

However, forces within the Knights want exactly that — and for Adriana to meet her final death!

Enter the world of the “Shadowdance” urban fantasy saga!

The “Shadowdance” saga presents supernatural creatures lurking in the shadows of the world outside your window. Readers will find ballistic action over romantic triangles. Characters struggle with morality versus the dangers of succumbing to the abyss.

“Fall to Grace” chronicles part of the missing six months from the novel “For Her Sins.” There is one honking spoiler here for that book, so read it first.

This short story was a quarter-finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest.

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