“For Her Sins” Shadowdance Saga #2


Neo-Nazi sorcerers. Zombies. A demon at a Hollywood movie premiere. These creatures stand between vampire assassin Adriana and her revenge against the sorcerer who slaughtered her werewolf family.

Maybe Later - Wishlist!
Maybe Later - Wishlist!

A deal is a deal — until death is involved!

Adriana – a vampire and an assassin.

Strathan –  a sorcerer masquerading as a Hollywood bad boy.

The two made a deal. Adriana retrieves two shards from a magical jewel for him; Strathan gives her information leading to the vampire who slaughtered most of Adriana’s family.

She recovered one shard. Strathan reneged on their deal, taking the shard and murdering the last of Adriana’s ancestors for spite.

Adriana wants Strathan’s blood on her enchanted blades.

The story that began in “By Virtue Fall” concludes in “For Her Sins.”

The path toward vengeance and retrieving the second shard merge. Destiny forces Adriana to team with a trio of warrior sorcerers. They are determined to find the second shard before Strathan.

Adriana and her potential allies confront Neo-Nazi sorcerers and other horrors on their way to retrieve the final shard. They must then confront Strathan for the other shard, a showdown to take place on the red carpet of a Hollywood movie premiere.

Will the warrior’s positive influence drive Adriana to seek redemption for the sins of her past? Or will the warriors ultimately destroy Adriana to punish those same sins?

The “Shadowdance” saga presents supernatural creatures lurking in the shadows of the world outside your window. Readers will find ballistic action over romantic triangles, struggles with morality versus the potential to succumb to the abyss.

Read and find out how death is only the beginning!

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