“Order Into Chaos” Shadowdance Saga short story


A sorcerer posing as a Hollywood bad boy learns there are some clubs from which one can’t charm their way out.

Maybe Later - Wishlist!
Maybe Later - Wishlist!

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Dwyer Strathan loved his life as a Hollywood bad boy. Unfortunately, he also had responsibilities as the leader of a coven of Los Angeles sorcerers.

Strathan had acquired some magical artifacts. He planned to use them to barter his way out of the coven. Unfortunately, his coven has other ideas for the artifacts.

And Strathan.

And just what does Strathan’s girlfriend, pop star Valentina Lorena have to do with any of this?

Enter the world of the Shadowdance!

Supernatural creatures battle for supremacy in the shadows right outside your window. Read tales of manipulation, treachery, and sudden violence. These acts are done in pursuit of controlling great power.

Get a quick slice of urban fantasy through this free eBook before diving into saga’s novels! The Shadowdance saga began in “By Virtue Fall,” which also introduced Strathan.

“Order Into Chaos” provides a spoiler-free answer to the mystery of what happened in the missing six months of the novel “For Her Sins.”



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