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When it came time to get the word out about the second song of the “Shadowdance” saga, I knew I had to go back to the ladies at Pure Textuality PR. They’d helped me find reviewers for the first song, “By VirtueFall.” Now I return to them for more advertising services.

But first, who are Pure Textuality?

Jena Gregoire of Pure Textuality

Jena Gregoire of Pure Textuality

Pure Textuality (PT) started in 2011 as a book review site. Founder Jena Gregoire was the only reviewer. She worked primarily in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres but branched out to cover just about very genre under the fiction umbrella.

PT offers to review books by independent and self-published authors in addition to the big publishers.

Be advised that turnaround time is an unknown due to the substantial amount of submissions they receive.

Learn more about their review policies.

Branching out to public relations

Over time, Gregoire gathered a team of reviewers. With that site running strong, she branched into public relations, helping authors and publishers reach their audience via their sister site Pure Textuality PR.

Under the PR banner, Gregoire and her team offer a variety of means for authors to get the word out about their books. Using their success as a review site, they offer to provide info on your book to their list of book review bloggers. They also send it to private reviewer Facebook pages, Twitter, and other blogger hangouts.

PT PR doesn’t guarantee reviewers will choose your book. How could they? But they do take the legwork out of finding those reviewers.

Social media promo packages and other services

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is through social media. Pure Textuality PR provides a series of different services that not only generate social media content for you but sends it out to the interwebs.

The basic package is a single day Social Media Blitz. They’ll create a graphic for you, compile links to your book and post it all on the day of your choosing.

This package also contains a HeadTalker campaign. What’s that? Keep reading to find out.

PT PR also has a package that gets you regular posts of your book’s links over the course of a month, three months, six months or an entire year. This one doesn’t include artwork, but you have a book cover, right?

Fo the truly ambitious, there’s even a package that will help with promotion from your cover reveal all the way to release day. This one takes a bit more planning but will provide you with a powerful marketing machine so you can get to work on the next book.

Also, PT PR will help design your website. Look at their site. Gorgeous, right? They can do that for you, then show you how to maintain it yourself.

They also provide a virtual valet service. A staff member will work your emails, solicit reviews and other virtual assistant stuff.

Why going with Pure Textuality PR helps

Now one could say, “But Mark, I have Facebook, Twitter, et all. I answer my emails and fumbled through WordPress. Can’t I do all this myself?”

Sure you could.

But how much time are you willing to lose from writing to work advertising? How much experience at advertising do you have? Are you already trying it? Is it working?

If you’re like me, though you realize the advertising part of self-publishing is a necessary evil, you hate it.

Another important thing: how many FB, Twitter or et all followers do you have?

Pure Textuality’s network includes:

  • 50+ book review bloggers
  • 130+ Facebook Promo Groups
  • 20+ Google+ Promo Communities
  • 4,OOO followers of the Pure Textuality blog
  • 2,800 Pure Textuality PR Twitter followers

What’s it worth to you?

I should point out that, like your publishing crusade, Pure Textuality PR is a business. All these services aren’t free, but they are extremely affordable in the long run.

For example, running the one day Social Media Blitz is only $30. That’s like not having fast food for three days.

Try and find someone who’ll build you a website from the ground up for $150 flat. Normally that would get you three hours of design time and then have a swell day.

The folks at PT PR will stay with you until you’re satisfied.

Think about how much time you’ll save for writing while someone else posts well-crafted social media ads for you every day. As an example of “well-crafted,” check out the header they designed for my “For Her Sins” Headtalker campaign below.

Headtalker campaign by Pure Textuality PR

Headtalker campaign banner by Pure Textuality PR

I’m jealous; it looks better than the stuff on my website!

Other services are more expensive according to their complexity and duration.

Yeah, so what’s that HeadTalker thing?

HeadTalker, is kinda like a crowdfunding campaign, but for social media. You make a post you want to send, then solicit other people to post it on a specified day. The post works for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Tumblr.

If a certain threshold of people signs up to post your message, HeadTalker will post it on the day requested to all the followers of your supporters.

A HeadTalker campaign comes with PT PR’s Social Media Blitz campaign. I’ve signed up for one. I need twenty-five people to reach the threshold. Right now I have sixteen and will reach nearly a million people who would otherwise never seen my book.

That number will go up when I get the other nine I need.

I’m getting the word out on the “Shadowdance” saga thanks to Pure Textuality PR. Check out their complete list of services.


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