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How to reorder your Netflix “My List”

Netflix “My List” is a great way for viewers to select TV shows, movies and other Netflix attractions for later viewing. But Netflix defaults to arranging the order how it wants to, with just a bit of help from you. It prioritizes new additions, but also takes into account prior viewing habits and what you’ve rated other things.

What if you want to be smarter than the machine and order the Netflix “My List” yourself?

On the PC, it used to be easy. Just click on “My List” and up it came. Sure, the interface of dragging and dropping was a pain, but it was easy to find. And, you could also get a list of what was about to get dumped off Netflix, so you could prioritize your viewing habits.

Don’t fret; all that stuff is still there, you just have to work a bit harder to find it.

Here’s how you do it.

NOTE: The following guide works on PCs and Macs. If you get to the “Account” function on a tablet or smartphone, it kicks you over to a web browser. Then you can follow these steps.

You’re probably SOL on a video game console, smart TV or Blu-ray player. I mean, their web browsing is clunky anyway!

1 . Find “Your Account” on Netflix homepage

When you first hit Netflix (after logging in to your account), you’ll see the huge top scroller image. For me it was “Daredevil” for the longest time. I still haven’t watched it yet. Now it’s this anime kid. But I digress.

On the top right of your screen you’ll see the icon you chose to represent you. On my page it’s the blue superhero face with the “N” like he’s Captain Horatio Hornblower or something.

Hover over this icon. DO NOT click, as that brings you to the “Who’s Watching” page, which then leads to the “My List” you CANNOT change. Click on the “Netflix” logo on the top left to get back to start.

Are you hovering now? Good. You’ll see a drop down menu like the one on the image below. See the “Your Account” line? It’s the first thing under the various profiles you may have. Big red arrow on the image below points to it. Click that to go to…

Drop down menu to get to My Account

Get to the drop down menu to see My Account

2. Finding the Netflix “Order in My List” option

Now you’re on your account page. I know, boring look, right? It’s admin stuff; not supposed to be flashy.

Incidentally, you can change your payment method, type of account, email and password on this page too.

What you’re looking for is the Netflix “Order in My List” hyperlink. It’s under the “My Profile” information. In the image below, the big red arrow points it out. Click the “Order in My List” hyperlink.

Finding the Order in My List hyperlink

Finding the “Order in My List” hyperlink

3. Will you take the red pill or the blue pill for Netflix “My List” order?

If you take the blue pill (“Netflix Suggests”), the story ends, you wake up in your bed and Netflix decides you “My List” order. You take the red pill (“Manual Ordering”), you take control of your destiny with the “My List” order you desire. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth.

The big decision between the machine and liberation

The big decision between the machine control and liberation

Once that’s complete, you’re taken back to the “My Account” page. “So why the hell did I go through all that?” you ask? Go back to the Netflix home page, please.

4. Board the Nebuchadnezzar

Back on the home page, hover over the “Browse” button on the left, next to the Netflix logo. In the drop down menu that appears, chose the option “My List.”

Find the "My List" link in the main menu

Find the “My List” link in the main menu

5. Welcome to Zion!

If you chose the red pill, you’ll now see a “My List” that’s not just pictures of the movies you’ve chosen, but info like MPAA ratings, star ratings and duration.

More important for you, if you hover over the movie, you’ll see it surrounded by a box with an “X” on the right side (see image below). Grab and hold the line and you can drag and drop it anywhere on your “My List.” The “X” lets you delete the item from the list. Warning: there is no “are you sure” feature, so if you hit the “X”, the item is gone!

If you’re not highlighting the top item, there’s also the “Move to Top” option.

Your re-ordered Netflix "My List"

Your re-ordered Netflix “My List”

When you go back to the homepage or log in via the Netflix app, your Netflix “My List” is now ordered as you desire.

You’re welcome!

Know any other Netflix tricks? Suggestions on good stuff to watch? Actually can tell people what “The Matrix Trilogy” was really about? Share in the comments below.

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