Illyana Dakanova, vampire "mother" to Adriana

Illyana Dakanova, vampire “mother” to Adriana

Age        : appears 29, actually 415

Height   : 5’10”

Weight : 136 lbs.

Eyes       : Brown

Hair        : Black


Featured in:

“A Reason to Live: A Shadowdance Variation”

“By Virtue Fall: A Song of the Shadowdance”


Born in 1602, Illyana’s family assisted the Romanovs against their rivals the Godunovs for control of the Russian empire.

In 1630, her friend Sophia offered Illyana a choice: become a vampire with her or die. Illyana chose death, but Sophia would not let her friend go. She turned her anyway.

Later, the two encountered the Daughters of Lilith. Their leader, Cytheria, revealed that turning the girls was revenge from the Godunovs — who were vampires.

The Dakanovas were, unknown to Illyana, a family of vampire hunters steeped in the Shadowdance.

Illyana was later tasked with turning Adriana Dupré. She did as commanded, but refused to turn Adriana over to the Daughters. They eluded Cytheria for several decades but ultimately were forced into the fold.

Illyana sees the Dupré sisters as surrogate daughters. She regrets her role in their damnation and strives to make amends despite the girls’ hatred of her.