Valentina Lorena, vampire pop star

Age     : appears 18, actually 150

Height : 5’3”

Weight : 117 lbs.

Eyes     : Brown

Hair     : Black (but often dyed various colors)


Featured in:

“By Virtue Fall: A Song of the Shadowdance”

“For Her Sins: A Song of the Shadowdance”

“Order Into Chaos: A Shadowdance Variation”

“Illusion of Love: A Song of the Shadowdance” – coming soon


Valentina fully lived a spoiled life as the daughter of a mid-19th-century Spanish nobleman. She slept with any man she desired, always maintaining control of the relationship.

Her control of her companions ran so strong she coerced a vampire lover to turn her into a vampire.

Valentina used her new preternatural powers to enhance her natural singing ability. She created chaos for personal amusement.

The Sons of Cain sought to destroy Valentina. Her brother forged a compromise within the Shadowdance that kept her alive.

Recently, Valentina has established herself as a pop star, maintaining her curiosity of the Shadowdance and its relics. She also continues her nihilist crusade of chaos on the arm of Hollywood bad boy actor Dwyer Strathan — that is, until…