Gabriella Doran, Knight of Vyntari warrior sorcerer

Gabriella Doran, Knight of Vyntari warrior sorcerer

The Guardians of Faith behaved in a monastic manner, gathering knowledge and spreading the Word of the One God.

To combat violent threats to the Uninitiated world, the Guardians created the Knights of Vyntari.

Whereas the Guardians trained in passive magic, the Knights learned aggressive spells. They combined this with martial arts training, created a sect of warrior sorcerers.

The Knights’ first mission is to protect the Vyntari shards should they surface from their hiding spots. Secondary to this passive mission is the very active seek and destroy mission against plots by the Order of Haroth or other supernatural evil.

Makeda Arsi, Gabriella Doran, and Michael Freeman have served with the Knights of Vyntari.