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Cytheria – former (?) leader of the Daughters of Lilith

The Daughters of Lilith are a sect of exclusively female vampire assassins. They have their origins with the original female human, Lilith.

Angered that the shadow god Yahweh cast her out of Eden, Lilith dedicated her immortal life to disrupting the ways of Man.

Soon after creating vampires, Lilith gathered female vampires and founded the Daughters of Lilith. She instructed these women to use their vampire abilities to corrupt and torment Man. At the time, the Daughters were a loose collective of vampires wreaking havoc on both the Initiated and Uninitiated communities.

Cytheria, a French warrior in the 5th century, caught the attention of an elder Daughter. She turned Cytheria into a vampire and indoctrinated her into the Daughters.

Seeing weakness in the disorganization of the sect, Cytheria assumed command. She slaughtering all those who opposed her. Cytheria then used her military training to streamline the sect in to the vampire assassins they are known as today. She restricted membership to ninety-nine and trained her sisters in both the martial and metaphysical arts. The Daughters soon bore powers beyond those found in other vampires.

In modern times, Cytheria disappeared. She has already done irreparable damage to the Dupré sisters, Adriana and Dominique, as well as the werewolf community via Adriana’s “Great Purge” in the early 19th century.

The enigmatic Fatale now controls the Daughters, bringing them back to their fearsome status with the Second Great Purge, also known as the Millennium Massacre in late 1999 going into the year 2000.

Other Daughters of Lilith include Kara and Geisa Barros.