Dwyer Strathan, Order of Haroth sorcerer and Hollywood bad boy actor

The Order of Haroth are sorcerers dedicated to returning the shadow god Yahweh, the true creator of the Earth and Man, to the world. They intend to do so by gathering the nine Vyntari shards and performing the ritual Symphony of the Damned to free Yahweh.

In the 2nd century, Satan dispatched the demon Haroth (posing as an angel) to Barnabas, leader of a Jewish sect still faithful to Yahweh, the God of Abraham.

Haroth explained Jesus’s blasphemy of proclaiming the One God the true God. Haroth also railed against Jesus’ repression of magic as the sole province of the divine and the dispersal of Yahweh. Haroth taught Barnabas and his followers the art of Dark magic, something once reserved for demons.

Barnabas ultimately forms the Order of Haroth, a quasi-religious sect of Dark sorcerers determined to find the Vyntari shards and bring their god Yahweh back to prominence. They also swear to disrupt the works of the One False God as they call him, the benevolent god of Jesus and the New Testament.

The Order operates to this day through sorcerers like Dwyer Strathan.