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Seeing Adam’s loneliness in the Garden, the shadow god Yahweh created woman from fire, Lilith. She refused subservience to Adam and was cast out of the Garden.

Later, Lilith seduced Adam’s son Cain and birthed a son, Upir. Upon the boy’s seventeenth birthday, Lilith and her lover Satan murdered the boy. They performed the B’akhza D’eab, during which they bound Upir’s soul to the demon Xaphan. Lilith and Satan then forced both spirits back into Upir’s lifeless body.

Thus, the first vampire was created.

Since Upir’s time, vampires have splintered in both power and purpose. The Daemilvar follow Lilith’s hatred of Man. The Sons of Cain carry their father’s remorse at the terror Upir, Lilith and Satan released upon the world. The Daughters of Lilith do what they can to bring chaos to the Shadowdance.

Prominent vampires include the Dupre sisters, Adriana and Dominique; Cytheria; Fatale; Kara; Valentina Lorena; Geisa Barros.