Werewolves are a magical creation of the Guardians of Faith. Early in the 11th century, they waged their never-ending battle against their arch rivals, the Order of Haroth. However, vampires working alone or in concert with the Order, proved a deadly distraction..

To combat the vampire threat, the Guardians chose the wolf for its natural instinct to hunt. They turned to France for the creatures, as the Anglo-Saxon kings of England had all but decimated the wolf in England.

Using magic, the Guardians melded the soul of a wolf to that of a newborn baby. This baby was born to the Navarre family, farmers in rural France.

As the child grew into puberty, it gained the ability to shift into its wolf form; Guardians watched the boy, helping him quell not only his animal instincts but the Transformation itself, the  Cadeau de Transcendance.

The boy took up the mantle of vampire slayer, using both his human skills and those of the wolf/ garou to defeat his enemy. He later had children. Some of them miraculously carried the ability to transform from birth.

Thus the Navarre family became known as the Sangs Pur, or Pure Bloods. They retained a greater control of their wolf side, which also gave them greater power.

The Guardians continued bonding the souls of wolves to mortals, though these offspring were inferior to the Navarre family line. Over time, some werewolves continue their rightful place as warriors against the vampires. Others work in other areas of the Shadowdance. Still others turn away from the Dance, keeping to themselves.