“Shadowdance” urban fantasy saga enjoys the Clermont Comic Con

My presentation of the “Shadowdance” saga at the Clermont Comic Con 2015 has come and gone, and fun was had by all!

My goal at the con wasn’t to sell books. I did (and my creditors thank all who bought books), but my happier moments were meeting others at the con.

I’d read that Karl Moline, the artist behind “Joss Whedon’s Fray” was attending the con. To my surprise and joy, he was at the table right next to me! We hit it off, to the extent that just maybe we’ll get something going in the future.

One can hope.

Artwork courtesy of Karl Moline and Dark Horse Comcis

Artwork courtesy of Karl Moline and Dark Horse Comics

Check out this Buffy art I bought from him. Don’t you wanna see some Adriana art that good?

I also met several other writers, who, like me, were out pressing their books. They gave me tips on marketing, the most pressing at the time being to bring your own tablecloth to a signing. There’s also talk of creating a writer’s group based out of Orlando’s Gods and Monsters shop.

Fun times.

I also met the folks at Orlando Collector Deviants. They go to cons and get out the 411 on what’s hot, what’s not and what’s coming up. Mad props to them for covering the Clermont Comic Con in general and “Shadowdance” specifically. Check them out at their Facebook page.

Big thanks (appropriate for the day) to my two “Shadowdance” models, Natasha Hill and Amber Crews. They did a bang up job drawing people to the table. They also dazzled the other authors, who I guess had never thought of bringing spokesmodels along for the ride.

You’ll be seeing more of Amber and Natasha as I turn them into characters from the saga.

My actor buddy extraordinaire Mike Tinker, who came all the way down from Hotlanta to show his support, will join the ladies in the promo photo endeavor later this year or early next.

More thanks to Scott Schlazer for setting up the event. Now that I’ve gotten the initial public appearance jitters out, I look forward to other events. Meanwhile, check out Scott’s site, Florida Geek Scene, for more info on happenings in Florida and geek news in general.

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