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Support an urban fantasy with HeadTalker social media

Thanks to the folks at Pure Textuality PR, I’ve got a HeadTalker campaign going. It’ll send a strategic burst of social media notes to the interwebs about “For Her Sins,” the second song of the “Shadowdance” saga.

Find out how you can help below the fold.

Yeah, so what’s that HeadTalker thing?

HeadTalker is kinda like a crowdfunding campaign, but for social media. You make a post you want to send, then solicit other people to post it on a specified day. The post works for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Tumblr.

If a certain threshold of people signs up to post your message, HeadTalker will post it on the day requested to all the followers of your supporters.

A HeadTalker campaign comes with Pure Textuality PR’s Social Media Blitz. I’ve signed up for one. I need twenty-five people to reach the threshold.

As of this posting I have sixteen. Through them, I will reach nearly a million people who would otherwise never see my book.

That number will go up when I get the other nine I need to launch the HeadTalker campaign.

How you can help

Follow this link to the “For Her Sins” HeadTalker page. You’ll see the header like the one above.

Scroll down. You’re looking for a section of the screen that looks like the image below.

HeadTalker social media page

At the top of the image, you’ll see the actual post that will go out. It’s set up for Twitter but will work on Facebook, Tumblr and Linked In.

Click on the type of social media you want to post to.

This brings up a pop-up box. It’ll show you what your post will look like. There’s also space so you can write a personal note.

At the bottom of the box, there’s an “Add Support” button. Click away!

This takes you to one of those “this app wants to do these things” within your social media type. Click through this.

Ultimately you’ll get a page that has a link back to the HeadTalker page. Share it with friends, your followers, whomever. Get the word out.

My dog will appreciate it, for if I sell books she can eat!

my dog


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