cytheria - scaledAge        : appears 17, real age 1565

Height   : 5’0”

Weight : 117 lbs.

Eyes       : Pale Green

Hair        : Blonde


Featured in:

“Two Sisters: A Shadowdance Variation”

“By Virtue Fall: Shadowdance Saga Song One”

“For Her Sins: Shadowdance Saga Song Two”


As a young woman in the 5th century, Cytheria fought alongside future saint Aignan, protecting their Alan tribe in Orleans, France from Attila and the Visigoths.

Her accomplishments impressed an ancient Daughter of Lilith elder. Cytheria’s reward was becoming a vampire assassin.

After an encounter with Lilith herself, Cytheria learned the Daughters’ true purpose: to exact vengeance against Mankind for their crimes against Lilith.

With this as her mandate, Cytheria assumed control of the Daughters, slaughtering all who stood against her.

She revitalized the assassins and embarked on her greatest manipulation, the perversion of the Dupré sisters, Adriana and Dominique Dupré.

In recent years, Cytheria has disappeared, leaving control of the Daughters to Fatale.