attractive female goth brunetteAge        : appears 21, actually 238

Height  : 5’7”

Weight : 125 lbs.

Eyes      : Dark Brown

Hair      : Brown


Featured in:

“Two Sisters: A Shadowdance Variation” – Coming Soon

“By Virtue Fall: Shadowdance Saga Song One”

“For Her Sins: Shadowdance Saga Song Two”


Born in Paris in 1778, Dominique Dupré lived in the shadow of her older sister Adriana until the French Revolution. Dominique’s au pair Cytheria spirited the young bourgeois away from Paris and to New Orleans.

Cytheria later revealed herself as a vampire.

Dominique became a Daughter of Lilith vampire assassin. Cytheria then revealed to her that Adriana had survived as a vampire and never once came for Dominique.

Dominique intends to step from her sister’s shadow by becoming the better assassin.