strathan - scaled flameAge        : appears to be 28, actually 103

Height   : 5’9”

Weight : 165 lbs.

Eyes       : Black

Hair        : Dark Brown


Featured in:

“By Virtue Fall: Shadowdance Saga Song One”

“For Her Sins: Shadowdance Saga Song Two”

“Order Into Chaos: A Shadowdance Variation” – Coming Winter 2016


The power of magic allowed Dwyer Strathan an escape from a life on the streets of Kilkinney, Ireland circa the First World War Under the tutelage of Order of Haroth leader Malachi Thorne, Strathan became a powerful sorcerer.

With Thorne’s disappearance after the Second World War, Strathan aligned himself with a demon from Hell.

With this power, he found a compromise with the Order, retaining control of the Los Angeles lodge but doing nothing to subvert the Order’s plans for the Shadowdance.

Strathan has also established a life for himself as a Hollywood bad boy movie star, hiding his use of the supernatural in plain sight.