attractive blonde femaleAge        : 35

Height   : 5’9”

Weight : 138 lbs.

Eyes       : Light Blue

Hair        : Blonde


Featured in:

“By Virtue Fall: Shadowdance Saga Song One”

“For Her Sins: Shadowdance Saga Song Two”

“Fall to Grace: A Shadowdance Variation” – Coming Winter 2016


Gabriella Doran’s magical power surfaced through her love for the Christian God. She first used this power to save the life of a friend. Non-believers in her Catholic community cast her out when she needed help most.

The Guardians of Faith, specifically Makeda Arsi, took in Gabriella. Makeda trained her in the use of her powers of Faith and the combative skills of a Knight of Vyntari.

Gabriella serves both the Knights and her mentor Makeda faithfully, never questioning the righteousness of their crusade against the darkness within the Shadowdance.