attractive male sunglasses headphonesAge        : 31

Height   : 5’9”

Weight : 153 lbs.

Eyes       : Black

Hair        : Dark Brown


Featured in:

“By Virtue Fall: Shadowdance Saga Song One”

“For Her Sins: Shadowdance Saga Song Two”

“Fall to Grace: A Shadowdance Variation” – Coming Winter 2016


Michael Freeman was a Dungeons & Dragons geek who used his computer prowess to uncover the game’s myths and legends.

His studies uncovered on the Shadowdance.

Michael fell in with the darker side of the Dance, the Order of Haroth. The error cost him his sight, but Makeda Arsi rescued him from death at the Order’s hands.

Since that time, Michael has trained as a warrior sorcerer Knight of Vyntari, combining his hi-tech skills with arcane lore to become mentor Makeda’s valuable aide.