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Celebrate 1k Twitter follows with a free ebook

The “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga hit the 1,000 followers mark on Twitter last month! Time to celebrate! That means free stuff! See inside!

A Cause for Celebration

With the number of people on Twitter, one thousand followers is just a drop in a big ol’ bucket of KFC extra crispy.

But consider this:

Imagine coming home one night and there were a thousand people in your (arguably spacious) living room. They were all there because they wanted to hear what you had to say. Or learn something from you. That’s impressive!

And a bit scary, true. But impressive nonetheless.

To honor this milestone achievement, I’m giving away ebooks of “For Her Sins,” the second song in the “Shadowdance” saga. Go over to Smashwords. Use coupon code “LV33W” at checkout and get “For Her Sins” free.

Now, these are ebooks, either Mobi for Kindle or epub for Nook. No paperbacks. Sorry traditional readers.

And if you could show some love and write a review over on Amazon, that’d be aces. Here’s how you write a book review for Amazon.

cover reveal for urban fantasy ebookSo what’s the story in “For Her Sins?” Glad you asked!

Neo-Nazi sorcerers. Zombies. A demon at a Hollywood movie premiere. These creatures stand between vampire assassin Adriana and her revenge against the sorcerer who slaughtered her werewolf family.

But as she pursues the sorcerer, Adriana feels the sins of her murderous past catching up to her. Or is she merely a pawn in the secret war between supernatural creatures known as the Shadowdance?

A warning: this free ebook deal lasts through August 7th. I love my fans, but my dog still has to eat.

“Uncle Owen, what about Song 1?”

“But Mark!” you say. “This free ebook’s great, but I haven’t read the first song, ‘By Virtue Fall!’ Hook a playa up!”

I got you, dear reader.

Follow the link to my newsletter. Sign up, get “By Virtue Fall” absolutely free! That’s two (clap) two (clap) two books in one! (And if you remember that commercial, you’re as old as I am. Congratulations for living this long.)

I got slack, but I intend to get the newsletter out at least once a month. You’ll get updates on the “Shadowdance” saga. You’ll also get quick hits on pop culture news.

And snark. Always snark.

To the one thousand of you who follow me on Twitter, thanks, bunches! I hope I’ve kept you entertained and informed. If you’re not a follower, be a leader! And follow me on Twitter.

Thanks again, enjoy your ebooks, and we’ll talk again soon.

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