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Fatale, Mistress of the Daughters of Lilith

sexy female vampire assassin with weapon
Fatale, Current Mistress of the Daughters of Lilith vampire assassins

Age         : appears to be 21, actual age unknown

Height   : 5’7”

Weight : 125 lbs.

Eyes       : Brown

Hair       : Dark Brown

There is no history of the vampire calling herself Fatale prior to the mid-1970s.

At the time, Adriana Dupre had decimated the Daughters of Lilith.

A chance encounter with Kara, one of the remaining Daughters, revealed Fatale as a lost Daughter suffering amnesia from an attack from Illyana Dakanova.

Soon after, with Kara’s help, Fatale gathered the Daughters who thus far had evaded Adriana’s wrath.

Eliminating the usual structure of the organization, Fatale installed herself as the leader. She kept the group in the shadows until the millennium crossing over into the 21st century.

Fatale initiated what would be called the “Millennium Massacre,” returning the Daughters of Lilith to prominence in the Shadowdance by slaughtering several high-ranking Initiates.

However, this return to prominence will force Fatale to confront Adriana and reveal a secret they share…

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