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Heinrich Reinhardt, neo-Nazi sorcerer

dashing blonde gentleman
Heinrich Reinhardt, Neo-Nazi sorcerer, cult leader

Age        : 42

Height   : 6’2”

Weight : 188 lbs.

Eyes       : Blue

Hair       : Blonde

Reinhardt’s grandfather Matthias was an Order of Haroth sorcerer working with the Nazis. Matthias had a run-in with Adriana Dupre; it didn’t go well.

Matthias survived the encounter. He went on to start a cult of neo-Nazis determined to use magic to bring back the Reich.

He called the cult the MKDG — “superiority through the occult.”

In his late teens, the grandfather and Reinhardt’s father recruited the young Heinrich into the MKDG.

The MKDG’s desire to bring the supernatural into the public light stood in direct defiance to the Shadowdance’s edict of remaining in the shadows.

Things came to a head when Reinhardt’s mother tried to rat out the MKDG on the eve of a major offensive.

At age eighteen, Reinhardt killed his mother to protect his neo-Nazi sorcerer cult.

The Order aligned with the Knights of Vyntari and other Initiates to decimate the MKDG.

Unfortunately, the cult didn’t die. The MKDG went underground.

Reinhardt became its leader under the mentorship of Trennan Lamar, a friend of his grandfather who had served with the Order and the Nazis.

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