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Makeda Arsi, former Knight of Vyntari

sexy African woman wielding magic
Makeda Arsi, Knight of Vyntari warrior sorcerer

Age     : 52

Height  : 5’9”

Weight : 142 lbs.

Eyes      : Dark Brown

Hair       : Black

Makeda Arsi was born into an ancient Ethiopian tribe knowledgeable in the use of magic. She lost her father, at the time the tribe’s leader, to outside invaders.

Makeda gained a distrust of all outside the tribe.

Despite this distrust, Makeda accepted the call of the Knights of Vyntari.

Through the Knights, Makeda learned to ease her distrust — until she learned of the Shadowdance.

Makeda has now sworn to use whatever means necessary to end the manipulations of the Shadowdance, even if it means ignoring the principles of Good as taught her by her tribe and the Knights.

Featured in:

A Reason to Live: A Shadowdance Variation

By Virtue Fall: A Song of the Shadowdance

For Her Sins: A Song of the Shadowdance

Fall to Grace: A Shadowdance Variation

The Initiated

Characters of the “Shadowdance” Action/ Urban Fantasy Saga

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