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Shamir al-Sadat, Knight of Vyntari

handsome male Egyptian librarian-type
Shamir al-Sadat, Knight of Vyntari investigator

Age        : 55

Height   : 6’1″

Weight : 160 lbs.

Eyes       : Brown

Hair       : Black

Born in an Egyptian prison to criminal parents, Shamir al-Sadat’s aunt and uncle raised him and his older siblings first in Egypt, then in Italy.

In his youth, a mysterious woman gifted him a cat’s eye bracelet. Later, al-Sadat used the bracelet to enhance his ability to communicate telepathically with animals, particularly cats.

Al-Sadat attended art school in Florence, Italy. A family tragedy forced him to leave school.

But then his communications with a beloved cat led him to the Knights of Vyntari.

The Knights helped him develop his animal communication power. He also learned martial arts and other supernatural skills.

Al-Sadat assumed the role of an art fraud investigator, working closely with Guardian of Faith Milica Babic, adopted mother of Safia Edris.

It is in this capacity that al-Sadat was drawn into the Shadowdance.

Featured in:

Two Sisters: A Song of the Shadowdance

The Initiated

Characters of the “Shadowdance” Action/ Urban Fantasy Saga

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