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Guardians of Faith

The One Goddess Sends Her Angels

In the early days of Christianity, the One Goddess sent angels Harut and Marut to create an organization to defend against the demon-inspired sorcerers of the Order of Haroth.

That organization became the Guardians of Faith.

What would become the Guardians initially came from the ranks of the fledgling Catholic Church. In so doing, the sect took on many of the hierarchical standards of the Church.

The Guardians and Man’s Religions

Though evolved from a Christian organization, Guardian membership remained open to all of Man’s faiths.

In Guardian belief, the faces of God within the many monotheistic religions were all the same face, that of the One Goddess. Because of this, there should be no strife between the religions.

The Guardian’s Modus Operandi

The Guardians maintain a veil of secrecy in the use of their One Goddess-given magic. However, they are more open in their teachings of the One Goddess’s desire for all of humanity to live as one in Her Light.

The sect also dedicates itself to stem the dark tide as represented by the Order of Haroth and other supernatural threats.

However, the Guardians are monk-like in their calling. They gather information, track political dealings, and protect the ancient texts.

To confront the forces of Darkness physically, the Guardians created the Knights of Vyntari.

Organizations Within the Shadowdance

Daughter of Lilith, Guardians of Faith, Knights of Vyntari, and Order of Haroth logos designed by Maja Kopunovic.

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