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Satan and Lilith’s Creation

Adriana Dupre, former vampire assassin
Adriana Dupre, one of the many vampires within the Shadowdance

The origin of the vampires begins with the loneliness of Adam, the First Man.

Seeking a companion for Adam, the shadow god Yahweh created the woman Lilith from a fire. However, she refused subservience to Adam and was cast out of the Garden.

Later, Lilith seduced Adam’s son Cain. Together they birthed a son, Upir.

Upon the boy’s seventeenth birthday, Lilith and her lover Satan murdered the boy.

Through the ritual called the B’akhza D’eab, Satan and Lilith bound Upir’s soul to the demon Xaphan. Lilith and Satan then forced both soul and demon into Upir’s lifeless body.

Thus, they created the first vampire.

A Variety of Vampires

Lilith and Satan continued creating more vampires from Satan’s demons and unwitting Uninitiated mortals. These creatures, dubbed the Daemilvar, followed Lilith’s hatred of Man.

The Daemilvar eschew the edicts of the Shadowdance and revel in the chaos and violence they can achieve with their demon-given power.

Meanwhile, Cain, ashamed of having spread so much evil, recruited vampires to defend against Lilith’s Daemilvar. He dubbed them the Sons of Cain.

The Sons would work within the confines of the Uninitiated world to combat the hatred spread by Lilith’s minions.

Having no love for Man, Lilith also created a female sect of ninety-nine vampires. She trained them as assassins to torment the Uninitiated and aid the Daemilvar. She called them the Daughters of Lilith.

Some vampires have remained outside of the struggles between the Sons and the other vampires.

Created by renegades to the larger struggle, these vampires remain outside the Shadowdance and on the fringes of the Uninitiated world.

Vampires of the Shadowdance

Notable vampires include the Dupre sisters, Adriana and Dominique; Illyana Dakanova; Fatale; Cytheria; and Valentina Lorena.

Organizations Within the Shadowdance

Daughter of Lilith, Guardians of Faith, Knights of Vyntari, and Order of Haroth logos designed by Maja Kopunovic.

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