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“Wake the Darkness” – indie rock alternate version

By now you’ve seen the documentary “Creating Darkness: Making a Song for the Shadowdance.” (If not, what’re you waiting for? Get on it!) You’ve probably also listened to the indie rock track over at composer Bob Colwell’s Bandcamp site or via the lyric video.

Here’s an alternate version of the song.

I was curious how the movie “Underworld” would play if it were less nu-metal and more ambient Goth, so I cut a video to the alternate version of “Wake the Darkness” with clips from “Underworld” and “Underworld: Evolution.” Both movies are the property of Sony/ Screen Gems and are used here solely for trans-formative curiosity.

Which version of “Wake the Darkness” do you love? Leave us a comment below or on the “Shadowdance” Facebook page.

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