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Welcome to the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga

In an urban fantasy world, vampires, demons, werewolves, sorcerers and other creatures of myth and magic secretly combat one another for possession of the nine Vyntari shards.

Recombining the Vyntari jewel will unleash the shadow god Yahweh.

The person who controls the jewel controls the shadow god. They can remake the world in their image — or destroy it.

Subtle manipulations erupt into cruel violence, all hidden from the eyes of those Uninitiated to this struggle.

This is the world of the “Shadowdance” saga.

Navigating the “Shadowdance” urban fantasy/ action-adventure site

The site chronicles the “Shadowdance” saga, but that’s not all.

The”Thinking Out Loud” blog examines the world of pop culture through the lens of action-adventure and horror. I’ll post news, review items, and post videos that have influenced or inspired the saga.

The blog also chronicles the development of the “Shadowdance” saga. Some of this will be the fun stuff of creating the stories. But I’ll also talk about the actual work part — the technical creation and marketing necessary of a self-publisher. Hopefully this info will help you in your creative endeavors.

You can learn more about me on the “About the Author” page.

Now back to the “Shadowdance”

On the home page, you can read excerpts from “Shadowdance” novels and get a taste of this action/ urban fantasy saga.

If that interests you, learn more about the history and dancers of the Shadowdance.

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Look into the shadows and see horror in action.